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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on one of the Frequently Asked Questions below to be directed to the answer. 

  1. Is there a fee to enter?

    No! As a Westchester County park, Muscoot Farm, the parking lot, and trails are all free to visit for individuals and families. While we do not have an admissions fee, any donations received contribute to the care for our animals and buildings and continued access to public programming. Donations can be made either in-person or online.

    For group visitation rates, including schools and other organizations, please refer to our page on "Group Visits." 

  2. Are dogs allowed?

    No dogs or pets are allowed on the property. This is for the physical, emotional, and medical safety of our animals.

  3. When can I see the animals?

    You can view our animals any day from 10am to 4pm year-round. Depending on the weather, some of the animals may be in their outdoor paddocks or inside of the barns.

  4. Can I pet the animals or milk a cow?

    To keep our animals and visitors safe, petting of our animals is prohibited.

    If you are interested in petting animals or visiting more up-close, we do offer certain programs, led by a staff member, throughout the year. Please see our "Event Calendar" to register for these programs.

  5. Can I feed the animals?

    No. Do not feed or pet the animals. Please note, it is your responsibility that any children with you adhere to this as well. Our animals are on strict diets and foreign matter or material found on the ground is a hazard to their digestive health.

    If you are interested in feeding our animals, please consider registering for our staff-led programs such as Morning Farm Chores, offered for children and adults, or our Young Farmers Camp, for children in grades 1-8. To register for any of our public programs, please visit our "Event Calendar."

  6. Can I hike when the farm is closed?

    No. The park is only open from 10am to 4pm. For the safety of our visitors, hiking is not permitted outside of these hours.

  7. Is there a place to purchase food on the farm?

    There is a concession stand on the property open seasonally between the hours of 11:30am and 3:00pm. Additionally, there are tables throughout the park where you are more than welcome to picnic. On Sundays from 9:30am to 2:30pm we also offer a Farmers Market, available from May through November.

  8. Do you sell any of your own produce, eggs, or milk?

    No, however, we do host a Farmers Market every Sunday from 9:30am to 2:30pm from May through November. Any produce we grow on the farm or eggs that we collect is used for our programming and donated to local food banks.

  9. Can I hold a photo or film shoot at Muscoot Farm?

    Yes, information regarding applications, permits, and fees can be found under our "Photography & Film" page. Whether a personal, non-commercial, or professional photo or film shoot, all shoots will need to obtain a permit through the department of Westchester County Tourism & Film. Any non-permitted shoots on the farm will be asked to leave immediately.

  10. Do you take in animals for rescue or to rehome?

    Unfortunately, we cannot take in any animals for rescue or rehome animals from the public due to the health and safety of our animals, staff, and visitors. We always ask that you consider the responsibility of caring for a farm animal throughout their life if you are considering one as a pet. If you are looking to rehome an animal, please reach out to local animal sanctuaries or private owners. If you have found an abandoned or unaccompanied animal, please contact your local agency's animal control offices as they will know how to care for that animal and safely remove them.