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Planning Your Field Trip

Group Visits

Planning Your Field Trip

Before Your Visit

  • Plan your visit accordingly; know when your tour(s) and hayride(s) are
  • Allow for some extra time for a late bus, bathroom breaks, and a quick stretch
  • Review all rules for visiting the farm
    • Please keep hands and fingers away from the animal enclosures
    • Please do not pet or feed the animals, they have prescribed diets and feeding them something foreign can cause illness
    • Please use indoor voices and do not run throughout the farm as loud noises can scare or stress the animals
    • ​​​​​​​Please do not toss anything into the animal enclosures and discard any waste you may have in the trash receptacles to keep our animals safe and healthy

Arriving at Muscoot Farm

  • When you enter the parking lot, please direct the bus driver to drop off visitors at the main entrance and park in the back of the lot
  • Your group may assemble in front of the Reception Center while the organizer checks in at the Farm Office, located on the second floor above the Reception Center

While at the Farm

  • Please remember that the farm is a public park. We ask all groups to be mindful of our other guests for this reason (i.e. restrain from yelling, running, throwing, etc.)
  • Please be on time to your tour and hayride since we operate on a tight schedule and any delay greatly affects other groups and staff
  • Groups are required to clean up after themselves, please leave the picnic areas as clean as you found them

After the Visit

  • Upon returning from your trip, encourage your group and chaperones to discuss their experiences
  • Connect their new knowledge of the farm to the lessons you are currently working on
  • Encourage your group to use their imagination and creativity through writing, drawing or playing, to describe their experience
  • If you and your group enjoyed your visit, please let us know! We love to hear about everyone's experience at the farm