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Who We Are

Our History...

Muscoot Farm was originally a gentleman's farm owned by the Hopkins family and used as their summer estate and dairy farm from 1880 to 1924. In 1924 the family moved to the farm year-round and continued the dairy business until 1967 when Westchester County acquired the property. In 2016 Muscoot was re-named in memory of Alfred B. DelBello, who served as Westchester County Executive from 1974 to 1983, and who played an integral role in preserving the park as an interactive farm during his tenure

Today, Muscoot Farm provides an educative experience for visitors through our historic buildings, home to goats, sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys, and a wide variety of poultry animals, public programming, and events year-round made possible by the Friends of Muscoot Farm, a non-profit organization run entirely on donations from the public. If you wish to help the continuation of the work we do, please consider making a donation either in-person or online. Thank you!