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Self-Guided Tours

Group Visits

Self-Guided Tour

Walk around the farm at your own pace and visit each one of our animals as well as our historic buildings. Many animal pens have signs with information about their residents and the Farm Museum offers exhibits on the daily life of an early 1900s dairy farm.

Please note that this tour is not guided by a staff member and that all petting and feeding of our animals is prohibited. Tours are booked on Mondays & Tuesdays and are available all year round. Pricing varies based on group size.

Please call (914) 864-7286 to reserve a self-guided group tour.

# of People In County Cost Out of County Cost
1-30 $75 $130
31-60 $125 $230
61-100 $175 $300


Hayrides are available for groups for an additional rate of $75 per ride and are only offered in the Spring and Fall. Capacity is set to 30 individuals per ride with rides lasting approximately 30 minutes. 

For the safety of you and the animals, all visitors must adhere to the following rules:

  • Please keep hands and fingers away from the animal enclosures
  • Please do not pet or feed the animals, they have prescribed diets and feeding them something foreign can cause illness
  • Please use indoor voices throughout the farm as loud noises can scare or stress the animals