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Volunteer Positions


Volunteer Positions

Animal Pen Maintenance
Join our volunteer team to make a significant impact on our farm animals' well-being. As an Animal Pen Maintenance volunteer, you'll play a vital role in maintaining clean and comfortable living spaces for our animals; your dedication ensures their health and happiness. *Animal Pen Maintenance volunteers should be prepared to commit to a regular schedule.*

Historical Preservation & Restoration
If you have a knack for preserving history, and enjoy hands-on restoration work, consider becoming a Historical Preservation & Restoration volunteer at Muscoot Farm. Our historic buildings are a significant part of the farm's heritage and your contribution will play an important role in their upkeep. Whether you have carpentry skills, want to help with the cleaning and up-keep of our exhibits, or simply have a passion for maintaining historical structures, your dedication can help protect and restore these invaluable landmarks for future generations to enjoy.

Trail Maintenance & Enhancement
Are you passionate about maintaining and improving our beautiful nature trails at Muscoot Farm? As a Trail Maintenance & Enhancement volunteer you can make a meaningful impact by dedicating your time to ensure our trails are safe, accessible, and enjoyable for visitors. Your responsibilities may include clearing debris, removing invasive plants, and enhancing the trail experience. Your commitment will help preserve the natural beauty of our farm and provide a welcoming environment for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Do you have a green thumb or an interest in gardening and agriculture? Join us as a Gardening volunteer at Muscoot Farm where you can immerse yourself in the world of horticulture and crop cultivation. As a vital member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work in our diverse gardens, focusing on the hands-on tasks of cultivating, planting, weeding, and nurturing a wide variety of crops. Whether you're an experienced gardener or looking to learn, your involvement will play a key role in the meticulous maintenance of our gardens.

Educational Outreach
If you have an interest in teaching and sharing knowledge, consider becoming an Educational Outreach volunteer. Assist with educational programs, workshops, and events that engage visitors of all ages in the farm's history and farming practices.

Visitor Services & Special Events
For those who enjoy welcoming and assisting visitors our Visitor Services & Special Events team may be the perfect fit. Help make every guest's experience memorable by providing information, assistance, and a warm welcome. This position encompasses those who are looking to volunteer at special events throughout the year, such as our annual Pumpkin Picking Fundraiser and Holiday Lights on the Farm.